Colorado Clownfish Swim Club

Colorado Clownfish Swim Club is a local, family owned and operated swim school with a different approach to teaching. We have a diverse team of career minded swim instructors dedicated to your children’s learning. Our team oriented approach is designed to move your child from one team member to another as their skills advance. This allows our teachers to follow your student from beginning to advanced levels.  At Colorado Clownfish, we hire long term, vetted and dedicated instructors who desire to see your child not only progress, but excel!

From 6 months to Adult we have a program that will fit your entire family!

Safety First

All of our instructors take safety very seriously! Each member of our staff has had extensive training in CPR, First Aid and other safety training designated to your childs safety.


We’d like to offer you a free class just for trying out Colorado Clownfish Swim Club. Simply click the button, then fill out the form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to set up a trial class at your convenience.  We look forward to meeting you!

Why Get Your Kids into Swimming?


According to, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children 14 years and younger.  At Clownfish Swim Club, we focus on safety first and ensure that every one of our students understands how to get themselves out of trouble in the pool.


A recent article by the Griffith Institute has found that children who are involved in swimming activities from a young age reach developmental milestones earlier than children that are not.  This three year study, which surveyed over 7,000 parents from 3 countries, is the most comprehensive study on early-years swimming.

Additional Benefits

  • Healthy heart and lungs
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Confidence around water
  • Make new friends
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Complete, full body workout
  • Swimming is the only sport
    which can save your childs life

Available Classes

Choose the class that’s right for you and your child!

Baby Clownfish

Our Baby Clownfish class is for ages 6-36 months who swim with mom, dad or a caregiver. We focus on introducing your child to the pool, making them feel comfortable in the water, all while building the needed confidence for their upcoming transition to independent swimming. We work with both parent and child to equally enforce basic water skills as well as the child’s safety. We will set the foundation that the child needs for a lifetime of swimming and fun in the water.

Clownfish Green | timid, cautious around water

Our Green Clownfish is for children ages 3 and up.  This is our beginner level that introduces your child to the water and basic swimming skills.  We will work on going under water, proper kicking and breathing techniques.  This class will set the pace for progression into advanced levels.  As always, fun included!

Clownfish Yellow | confident around water

Yellow Clownfish are comfortable in the water.  They are also comfortable going under water.  They will learn to backfloat independently, swim horizontally, and maintain their balance in the water.  In this level your child will further develop independence and confidence.

Clownfish Blue | swims independently

Our Blue Clownfish know how to backfloat independently and are able to swim on their own for 10 feet.  The skills learned in previous levels will culminate in Blue Clownfish, bringing them to a new level of safety.  This will also give them the confidence to begin learning and swimming new strokes.

Clownfish Red | learning swim strokes

Red Clownfish have mastered the basics from previous levels and are ready to learn strokes!  We will focus on freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke (resting stroke), open-arm turns, and provide an introduction to diving.  This level turns your child in a swimmer!

Clownfish Gold | refining swim strokes

Our Gold level will add butterfly and breaststroke to your child’s skills.  They will work on drills to perfect each stroke and they will lean flip-turns, advanced diving, and treading water.

Orca Program | at instructors discretion

Our Orca Program is a swim team styled training session.  It runs for one hour.  In this time we will be working all four competitive strokes and perfecting the techniques needed for each.  This class will not only work on all necessary skills, but will build muscle-strength and endurance in preparation for swim team.

Adult Clownfish | 18+

We love to teach adults too!  Do you want to enhance your skills?  Never leaned how to swim?  Are you afraid of the water?  Adult Clownfish is for you!   We have qualified instructors that specialize in teaching adults to swim and enjoy the water.  Don’t hesitate; your swimming experience with us will be great!

Fun Pool Stats… and counting

Since we opened our doors in 2010, we’ve seen a LOT of various activity. Here are some of the not so commonly known stats..

Total number of cannonballs by students:

Goggle adjustments made:

Total times Mr. Matt has been kicked in the head:
(at least 2 times a day)

Clownfish Pricing

Important Details

  • Membership is on-going until lessons are suspended
  • Registration Fee – There is a single, life-time registration fee of $20 per student at the time of enrollment.
  • Billing Process – Account’s will be billed on the 1st of each month, for that month’s swim lessons.
    Note: Private Lessons are billed monthly based on number of lessons scheduled for that month.
  • Canceling Lessons – Please give 2 week’s notice for cancellation of membership.

Reviews from around the web

It was only our first class but very impressed. My kiddo took right to Mr Jeff. Can’t wait to see my little one learn and grow here. My kiddo didn’t want to leave and probably played in the lobby for a half hour and Mr Cody didn’t care.


I have both of my daughters in lessons here and I’ve been very impressed. The class sizes are small and the instructors are great. The progression they use to teach the kids is logical and effective. The prices are reasonable.


Colorado Clown Fish is truly a gem!!! My kids (4 year old twins) did more in their 30 minute trial class then they did in the 16 weeks of lessons they had at the rec center. I love supporting a family business that is passionate about teaching kids of all ages and levels how to swim! Everyone that works there is awesome! Side note…I left my cell phone and one of the staff members called my house to let me know and offered to bring to my house (so I wouldn’t have to pack up the kids) that is going way above and beyond!! Thank you for all that you do! You are a gift to our community!!


Colorado Clownfish is awesome! Mr. Matt, Mrs. Diana, and Mr. Victor have a fun family run facility that we love. At age 3 our daughter transferred over from Safe Splash from what was a very rigid corporate model that didn’t really cater to our child as an individual. Here they make each lesson different and she has blossomed as a result. Now at age five she loves swimming and going to her class. We think she’s part fish.


Amazing place! The instructors here treat each kid as an individual. We’ve done lessons at public pools, rec centers and other places. Colorado Clownfish Swim Club is the best place for our kids. We will be taking our kids here from now on.


This place and their staff are hands-down amazing at teaching kids how to swim. They have an amazing ability to make it fun and safe and productive. My little one was shy and apprehensive and within the first few minutes was comfortable, happy, and immediately learning. They have a standard low ratio and platforms in the water I’ve never seen anywhere else. This is the best place to take your kids to learn to love to swim!!


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